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Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala 700ml


Elevate your senses with Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala 700ml. Crafted with passion and tradition, this mezcal embodies the heart of Oaxaca. Experience authentic flavours, perfect for cherished moments. Afterpay and Zip Pay accepted.

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Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala 700ml: Embrace the Spirit of Tradition and Elegance

Step into a realm of unparalleled allure with Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala 700ml. This exquisite elixir captures the very essence of Mexico's cultural heritage, blending time-honoured craftsmanship with modern sophistication. Explore the rich history of its distillery, savour its enchanting tasting notes, uncover delightful food pairings, and learn how to craft mezcal-infused cocktails that elevate any occasion.

Crafting Legacy and Passion

Behind every bottle of Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala lies a legacy of dedication. The distillery's roots trace back to generations of artisans who have nurtured their craft, preserving the authenticity of mezcal-making while embracing innovation. This commitment to excellence shines through, making each sip an homage to the past and a celebration of the present.

Savouring the Artistry: Tasting Notes

Prepare to embark on a sensory journey like no other. As you savour Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala, delicate floral aromas intertwine with earthy undertones, creating a symphony of harmonious flavours. An exquisite balance of smokiness and herbal notes dance on the palate, followed by a graceful finish that lingers like a cherished memory.

Culinary Symphony: Perfect Food Pairings

Elevate your culinary experience by pairing Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala with exquisite dishes. Allow the mezcal's nuanced profile to complement the richness of slow-cooked meats, enhancing their savoury depth. Embrace the mezcal's versatility with seafood ceviche, where its vibrant character accentuates the freshness of the ocean's bounty.

Crafting Mezcal Magic: Three Captivating Cocktails

  1. Tobala Twilight Ingredients:
  • 60ml Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala
  • 30ml Hibiscus Syrup
  • 15ml Fresh Lime Juice

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a chilled glass, and garnish with a twist of lime zest.

  1. Elegant Elixir Ingredients:
  • 60ml Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala
  • 30ml Elderflower Liqueur
  • 15ml Fresh Lemon Juice

Method: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a stemmed glass.

  1. Tobala Tonic Ingredients:
  • 60ml Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala
  • 120ml Tonic Water
  • Squeeze of Fresh Orange Juice

Method: Fill a glass with ice, pour mezcal and tonic water, and squeeze in the orange juice. Stir gently.

An Unforgettable Gift for All Occasions

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, bucks party, or corporate event, Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala 700ml is a gift that resonates with the heart and soul. Embrace the opportunity to share the richness of tradition and the joy of celebration with a spirit that encapsulates Mexico's heritage and craftsmanship.

ABV: 45%
Country of Origin: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca
Container: 700ml bottle
Closure: Cork
Servings: Approximately 20
Recommended Serving Size: 30ml

Savour the legacy, embrace the elegance, and create lasting memories with Aguas Mansas Mezcal Tobala 700ml – a true embodiment of tradition and sophistication.