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Mollydooker Summer Of ’69 700ml


Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavours of Mollydooker Summer Of ’69 wines. Discover a world of indulgence and order now. Accepting Afterpay and Zip Pay.

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Introducing Mollydooker Summer Of '69: A Wine Worth Celebrating

Background of the Winemaker

Step into the world of Mollydooker, an Australian winery known for its exceptional wines. Founded by Sarah and Sparky Marquis, the winery has gained recognition for its bold and vibrant creations. With a passion for winemaking that spans decades, the Marquis duo has crafted a range of wines that truly captivate the senses.

Tasting Notes

Mollydooker Summer Of '69 is a standout among their remarkable collection. This wine is an exquisite blend of premium grapes, carefully selected and expertly crafted to create a truly unforgettable experience. Upon opening the bottle, you're greeted with an enticing bouquet of ripe berries, accompanied by subtle hints of spice and vanilla. The first sip reveals a luscious medley of flavours, with juicy plum, blackberry, and mulberry dancing on your palate. The velvety tannins and well-integrated oak provide a smooth and satisfying finish.

Food Pairings

The Mollydooker Summer Of '69 is a versatile wine that pairs beautifully with a range of dishes. Its rich flavours and vibrant acidity make it an excellent match for grilled meats, such as juicy steak or lamb chops. For a vegetarian option, try it alongside roasted vegetables or a mushroom risotto. If you're feeling adventurous, pair this wine with a decadent dark chocolate dessert for an indulgent treat that will leave your taste buds singing.


To elevate your experience further, you can also use Mollydooker Summer Of '69 to create delightful cocktails. Here's a refreshing recipe to try:

Summer Berry Spritzer (serves 1):

- 90ml Mollydooker Summer Of '69

- 60ml soda water

- 30ml cranberry juice

- Fresh berries and mint leaves for garnish

Mix the wine, soda water, and cranberry juice in a glass filled with ice. Stir gently to combine. Garnish with fresh berries and mint leaves for an extra touch of elegance. Sip and enjoy!

Perfect for Gifting and Special Occasions

Mollydooker Summer Of '69 is a wonderful choice for gifting and celebrating special occasions. Whether it's a birthday, corporate event, or especially a wedding, this wine brings joy and elegance to any gathering. Its vibrant flavours and beautifully designed label make it a memorable and thoughtful gift. Plus, with its distinct Australian character, it adds a touch of uniqueness and sophistication to any event.

Additional Information

ABV: 14.5%

Country of Origin: Australia

Region: McLaren Vale

Wine Type: Red

Container Type: Bottle (available in 700ml)

Closure: Screw Cap

Servings: Approximately 6 servings per bottle

Recommended Serving Size: 120ml per person

In conclusion, Mollydooker Summer Of '69 is a wine that truly embodies the spirit of celebration and joy. With its remarkable flavours, versatility in pairings, and potential for delightful cocktails, it is an excellent choice for gifting or enhancing special events like birthdays, corporate gatherings, and especially weddings. Raise a glass of Mollydooker Summer Of '69 and let the festivities begin!