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Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu 500ml


Experience the authentic taste of Japan with Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu 500ml – a premium plum wine made from only the finest Japanese plums. With its rich and sweet flavour, this umeshu is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a special celebration or just a casual night in. Order now and indulge in the authentic flavours of Japan with Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu 500ml.

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Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu 500ml: Taste the Authentic flavours of Japan

If you're a fan of Japanese drinks, then you might have heard of the famous Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu. This premium plum wine is made by the Nakano BC company, which was founded in 1823 in the city of Saku, Nagano Prefecture. The company has a long history of producing high-quality beverages, including sake, beer, and shochu.

Tasting Notes

Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu has a rich, sweet flavour that is derived from carefully selected Japanese plums. The drink has an alcohol content of 12% and is best served chilled. When you open the bottle, you'll be greeted by a fruity aroma that's both refreshing and enticing. The taste is well-balanced with a hint of acidity that complements the sweetness of the plums.

Food Pairings

Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu is a versatile drink that pairs well with a variety of dishes. If you're looking for something to pair with your sushi, sashimi, or tempura, then this plum wine is an excellent choice. It also goes well with desserts like cheesecake or fruit tart. For a more traditional Japanese pairing, try serving it with grilled eel or yakitori.

History of Nakano BC

Nakano BC was founded by Kiuchi Gihei, who started out as a sake brewer in 1823. Over the years, the company expanded its operations and began producing other types of beverages, including beer and shochu. Today, Nakano BC is known for its innovative products and commitment to quality.


Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu is a delicious and refreshing drink that offers a taste of Japan. Whether you're a fan of Japanese cuisine or just looking for something new to try, this premium plum wine is an excellent choice. So why not order a bottle today and experience the rich, sweet flavour of Nakano BC Kiuchi Umeshu for yourself?