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Luna New Year

Buy Your Lunar New Year Liquor Collections Gifts from Porters Lux: Hennessy, Penfolds, and Johnnie Walker

Hennessy Lunar New Year Collection:

Hennessy, renowned for its exceptional cognacs, presents a special Lunar New Year Collection that embodies luxury and celebration. This collection often includes limited-edition cognacs, meticulously crafted to honor the festive spirit of the Lunar New Year.

Hennessy's Lunar New Year offerings typically feature select blends and editions, exquisitely packaged with traditional designs and symbolic elements representing prosperity and good fortune. These exclusive releases showcase the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and the art of blending, making them sought-after treasures for connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Penfolds Lunar New Year Collection:

Penfolds, celebrated for its fine Australian wines and spirits, commemorates the Lunar New Year with a specially curated collection. This collection embraces the joy of the festive season by presenting limited-edition wines and spirits in captivating packaging inspired by the auspicious occasion.

Penfolds' Lunar New Year releases often showcase exceptional vintages and blends, elegantly adorned with traditional motifs symbolizing abundance and happiness. These offerings symbolize Penfolds' commitment to both quality and honoring the cultural significance of the Lunar New Year.

Johnnie Walker Lunar New Year Editions:

Johnnie Walker, the iconic Scotch whisky brand, joins in the Lunar New Year celebrations with exclusive editions that capture the essence of the occasion. These special releases feature the brand's signature blends housed in striking bottles embellished with symbols associated with luck and prosperity.

Johnnie Walker's Lunar New Year Editions typically include a selection of their renowned whiskies, crafted to perfection and presented in packaging that pays homage to the traditions and symbolism of the Lunar New Year. These limited editions cater to whisky enthusiasts and collectors seeking a sophisticated way to mark the festive season.