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Porters Lux Shipping Policy

All deliveries are managed by Australia Post wine division. All customers must produce identification and no parcels will be left in areas that do not have a person available to manage it. We understand this may inconvenience some customers, but we’re aiming to reduce theft and reduce our liability as if a parcel is accessed by a minor, we can lose our liquor license, and all efforts will be made to prevent this from happening.

When your delivery driver arrives, you are required to provide your government photo identification so the delivery driver can identify you are the buyer and that you’re over 18.

If you cannot produce identification, have members at your location that are under 25 and cannot show government 18+ identification or show signs that you are intoxicated the products will be returned to the store and a full refund will be provided except the delivery fee. No exceptions.

All country-wide deliveries will be packed and sent within 1-2 business days with Australia Post.

If you have missed your parcel, and you do not contact Australia Post via your online account to have the parcel redelivered and the parcel has been returned to us, we reserve the right to claim the "return parcel fee" that Australia Post charges us when calculating your refund.

If your parcel has been damaged upon delivery, we will work with Australia Post to have these products redelivered to you upon Australia Post approving the insurance claim. We will need to know from you whether you want to drink the beverages, or store them for collection as some items can be delivered to customers with label and closure damages, whilst anything broken will be replaced.

All efforts are made to ensure all customers are provided with a great customer experience, although we understand that our partners can be slow at times.

Unfortunately, if you live within these postcodes, we are unable to sell you products as guided by our liquor regulations and laws.