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Bacardi Pina Colada Cans 250ml Case of 24

by Bacardi

Embrace the paradise-like taste of Bacardi Piña Colada Cans 250ml. Savour the tropical flavours of pineapple and coconut in a ready-to-drink delight. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and corporate gifting. Accepting Afterpay & Zip Pay.

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Bacardi Piña Colada Cans 250ml: A Tropical Delight in Every Sip


Indulge in the enchanting taste of Bacardi Piña Colada Cans 250ml, a delightful tropical blend that captures the essence of paradise. Let's dive into the story behind Bacardi's craftsmanship, explore its exquisite tasting notes, discover delectable food pairings, and learn to create three refreshing cocktails.

Background of the Distiller:

Bacardi, a renowned distiller with a rich history, has been perfecting the art of crafting exceptional spirits since its inception in 1862. With a passion for innovation and quality, Bacardi's legacy continues to inspire cocktail enthusiasts worldwide.

Tasting Notes:

Savour the luscious fusion of fresh pineapple, creamy coconut, and Bacardi's signature rum. The velvety smoothness and tropical sweetness will transport you to sun-kissed shores with every sip.

Food Pairings:

Pair Bacardi Piña Colada with grilled seafood, tropical fruit salad, or coconut-infused desserts. Its vibrant flavours complement a variety of dishes, creating a heavenly dining experience.

Cocktail Creations:

  1. Tropical Breeze: Mix Bacardi Piña Colada with freshly squeezed lime juice, a splash of passionfruit syrup, and ice. Shake and garnish with pineapple leaves for a taste of paradise.
  2. Island Escape: Create a tantalizing blend by combining Bacardi Piña Colada, mango nectar, and a hint of ginger syrup. Shake with ice and garnish with a juicy mango slice.
  3. Coconut Dream: Embrace the coconut goodness by blending Bacardi Piña Colada with coconut water, banana, and a touch of honey. Blend until creamy, and top with toasted coconut shavings.

Why it's the Perfect Gift:

Celebrate special moments with Bacardi Piña Colada Cans, making birthdays, weddings, bucks parties, and corporate events unforgettable. Its tropical charm and delightful taste make it an ideal gift for every occasion.

ABV: 11.9%

Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

Region: Caribbean

Container Type: Can (250ml)

Screw Cap

Recommended Serving Size: One can per person

Unleash the taste of the tropics with Bacardi Piña Colada Cans 250ml. Let your senses embark on a blissful journey, relishing the spirit of paradise in each sip. Embrace the essence of summer with Bacardi Piña Colada, and create memories that linger forever.