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Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy 1Lt


Discover the authentic taste of Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy 1l. Crafted from the finest plums, this Croatian brandy offers a rich and delightful flavour. Indulge in the traditional essence of this exquisite drink. Order your 1-liter bottle today and experience Croatian excellence like never before.

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Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy 1l: A True Croatian Delight


Indulge in the authentic flavours of Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy 1l, a traditional Croatian spirit. Crafted with the utmost care by the renowned distillery, Badel 1862, this exquisite brandy captures the essence of Croatia's rich distilling heritage.

Background of the Distiller:

Badel 1862, a prestigious Croatian distillery established in 1862, has been synonymous with quality and tradition. With a history spanning over a century, they have perfected the art of distilling spirits, becoming a beloved household name in Croatia and beyond. Badel 1862's commitment to using the finest ingredients and employing time-honored techniques is evident in every bottle of Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy.

Tasting Notes:

- Nose: Aromatic notes of ripe plums and hints of oak.

- Palate: Smooth and velvety texture, showcasing the natural sweetness of plums with a touch of warmth from the distillation process.

- Finish: Lingering fruity aftertaste with a subtle warmth that invites another sip.

Food Pairings:

1. Cheese Platter: Pair Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy with aged Gouda or blue cheese for a delightful combination of flavours.

2. Grilled Meats: The brandy's robust character complements grilled sausages, lamb chops, or beef steaks perfectly.

3. Dark Chocolate: Indulge in a square of dark chocolate alongside a sip of Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy for a heavenly pairing of sweet and bitter notes.


Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy 1l is a testament to Badel 1862's commitment to craftsmanship and tradition. With its exquisite taste and the allure of Croatian heritage, this brandy is a true delight for spirits enthusiasts. Experience the rich flavours of Croatia with every sip of Badel Sljivovica Plum Brandy 1l, the embodiment of centuries-old distilling excellence.