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Balter Brewing Hazy Pale Ale Case of 16


Experience the art of brewing with Balter Brewing’s Hazy Pale Ale. This craft beer delivers refreshing flavors with a balance of hop bitterness and malt sweetness. Perfect for beer enthusiasts, it’s a must-try for those seeking a crafted and enjoyable drinking experience. Discover the passion and expertise that goes into every can of Balter Hazy Pale Ale.

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Balter Brewing Hazy Pale Ale Case of 16: A Refreshing Blend of Hops and Malt

Introduction Balter Brewing is renowned for its exceptional craft beers, and its Hazy Pale Ale is no exception. This article will delve into the background of the distiller, provide detailed tasting notes, suggest food pairings, and highlight the beer's metric measurements.

Background of Balter Brewing Balter Brewing, based in Australia, is a leading craft brewery known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Founded by a group of passionate surfers and friends, Balter Brewing has gained a strong reputation for producing award-winning beers.

Tasting Notes Balter Hazy Pale Ale offers a delightful sensory experience. With its hazy appearance, it entices the eye, while the aroma of tropical hops and citrus notes captivates the nose. The first sip reveals a balanced blend of hop bitterness and malt sweetness, resulting in a smooth and refreshing finish.

Food Pairings The versatile flavour profile of Balter Hazy Pale Ale complements a range of dishes. It pairs excellently with grilled seafood, such as prawns or fish tacos, enhancing the flavours with its hoppy character. For cheese enthusiasts, try it with a creamy camembert or tangy cheddar to create a delightful combination of flavours.

Metric Measurements Balter Hazy Pale Ale comes in 375ml cans, providing the perfect serving size for a single drink. The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of this brew is typically around 4.8%, ensuring a balanced and sessionable drinking experience.

In conclusion, Balter Brewing's Hazy Pale Ale is a testament to their commitment to crafting exceptional beers. Its hazy appearance, tropical hop aromas, and balanced flavour profile make it a must-try for beer enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a delicious meal, this beer is sure to impress with its refreshing and delightful character. Experience the art of brewing with Balter Hazy Pale Ale.