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Camus Borderies XO 700ml

by Camus

Indulge in Camus Borderies XO 700ml Cognac, crafted with soulful flavours. Experience luxury with Afterpay and Zip Pay options. Buy now in Australia!

The Finer Details
Style – Cognac
Country – France
Bottle Size -700ml
ABV -40%

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Camus Borderies XO Cognac 700ml

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Camus Borderies XO Cognac is a luxurious and refined spirit that is perfect for any occasion. Made from the finest grapes grown in the Borderies region of France, this cognac is aged for at least 10 years in oak barrels, giving it a complex and nuanced flavour profile.

Background of the Distiller

The Camus family has been distilling cognac since 1863, and they are one of the most respected producers in the world. Their cognacs are known for their high quality and their elegant style.

Tasting Notes

Camus Borderies XO Cognac has a deep amber colour and a complex aroma of dried fruits, spices, and flowers. The palate is rich and creamy, with flavours of vanilla, caramel, and oak. The finish is long and lingering, with a hint of spice.

Food Pairings

Camus Borderies XO Cognac can be enjoyed on its own, but it is also a great match for a variety of foods. It pairs well with desserts, foie gras, and blue cheese.


Here are three recipes for cocktails that you can make with Camus Borderies XO Cognac:

  • Sidecar: This classic cocktail is made with cognac, Cointreau, and lemon juice. It is simple to make and is perfect for a party.
  • Vieux Carré: This New Orleans cocktail is made with cognac, rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. It is a bit more complex than the Sidecar, but it is a delicious and sophisticated drink.
  • Sazerac: This New Orleans cocktail is made with cognac, rye whiskey, Peychaud's bitters, and absinthe. It is a bit boozy, but it is a delicious and refreshing drink.


Camus Borderies XO Cognac is a great gift for any occasion. It is perfect for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and corporate events. It is also a great gift for the cognac connoisseur in your life.

Keyphrase: Camus Borderies XO Cognac

Alcohol Content: 40% ABV

Country of Origin: France

Region: Borderies

Wine Type: Cognac

Container Type: Bottle

Size: 700ml

Closure: Cork

Servings: 20

Recommended Serving Size: 2 ounces