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Cenote Anejo 700ml

by Cenote

Experience the rich flavour of Cenote Anejo, a premium tequila aged in American white oak barrels for at least 18 months. Made by the award-winning Casa Maestri, this tequila has complex notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak. Enjoy it on its own or mixed in cocktails for a true taste of Mexico.

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Cenote Anejo: A Premium Tequila

Cenote Anejo 700ml: A Review

If you're looking for a premium tequila that's worth the splurge, you might want to consider Cenote Anejo 700ml. This tequila is made by the award-winning Mexican distillery, Casa Maestri, and aged in American white oak barrels for at least 18 months. In this article, we'll give you a clear understanding of what this tequila is all about, from the background of the distiller to its tasting notes and food pairings.

Background of Casa Maestri

Casa Maestri is a family-owned distillery located in Jalisco, Mexico. It was founded by Fernando Maestri in 2007, who comes from a long line of tequila producers. The distillery prides itself on using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients to produce tequilas that reflect the true spirit of Mexico. It has won several awards for its products, including the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Tasting Notes

Cenote Anejo has a rich amber colour and a complex aroma with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak. On the palate, it's smooth and velvety, with flavours of roasted agave, toasted oak, and a hint of pepper. The finish is long and warm, with a sweet aftertaste that lingers on the tongue. Overall, it's a well-balanced tequila that's perfect for sipping or mixing in cocktails.

Food Pairings

Cenote Anejo pairs well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, seafood, and spicy dishes. For a simple yet satisfying pairing, try it with some guacamole and tortilla chips. The smoothness of the tequila complements the creaminess of the avocado, while the saltiness of the chips brings out its sweet and spicy notes. For a more complex pairing, try it with a spicy shrimp ceviche or a grilled steak with chimichurri sauce. The tequila's oakiness and warmth will stand up to the bold flavours of the dishes, creating a harmonious balance of flavours.

In conclusion, Cenote Anejo 700ml is a premium tequila that's worth trying if you're a fan of aged spirits. With its complex aroma, smooth palate, and long finish, it's a tequila that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed in cocktails. And with Casa Maestri's commitment to quality and tradition, you can be sure that you're getting a tequila that reflects the true spirit of Mexico.