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De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny 750ml


Discover the exquisite De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny, a fine Australian wine renowned for its rich and luscious flavors. Crafted with expertise and a proud heritage, this reserve tawny collection offers an unparalleled taste experience. Savor the velvety texture and notes of caramel, dried fruits, and spices. Whether for a special occasion or a moment of indulgence, De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny is the perfect choice to elevate your wine appreciation. Experience the legacy of Australian winemaking in every sip.

The Finer Details

Style – Red Wine
Country – Australia
Bottle Size -750ml
ABV -17.5%

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De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny: A Rich Australian Delight


Discover the exquisite De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny, a rich Australian wine that encapsulates the essence of indulgence.


De Bortoli, an esteemed Australian winemaker with a proud heritage, crafted the Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny. With decades of experience, De Bortoli is renowned for producing exceptional wines that embody the country's winemaking excellence.

Tasting Notes:

This luscious Tawny delights the senses with its velvety texture and enticing flavours. Experience the harmonious blend of caramel, dried fruits, and spices, creating a symphony of indulgent richness in every sip.

Food Pairings:

Pair this exquisite Tawny with decadent desserts such as chocolate truffles, caramelized pear tart, or creamy tiramisu. The wine's complexity beautifully complements strong cheeses and can elevate the enjoyment of an after-dinner conversation.

Cocktail Inspiration:

Harness the rich flavours of De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny in delightful cocktails. Try the Sacred Hill Tawny Royale: combine 60ml of Tawny with 30ml of sparkling wine and a dash of bitters. Garnish with a twist of orange peel for a sophisticated and memorable cocktail experience.

Great for Gifting and Special Events:

De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny is an exceptional choice for gifting and special occasions. Its luxurious taste and elegant presentation make it perfect for birthdays, corporate events, and especially weddings. Give the gift of sophistication and delight the recipients with this Australian wine treasure.

Product Details:

- ABV: Alcohol content is 18% ABV.

- Country of Origin: Australia, known for its world-class wines.

- Region and Wine Type: De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny is a fine example of Australian Tawny wine, with grapes sourced from renowned vineyards across the country.

- Container Type: This exquisite wine is presented in a 750ml bottle, featuring an elegant design that reflects its premium quality.

- Closure Type: Sealed with a convenient screw cap, preserving the wine's freshness and eliminating the need for a corkscrew.

- Servings and Recommended Serving Size: Each bottle provides approximately 6 servings, with a recommended serving size of 125ml, allowing you to savour its flavours on multiple occasions.

Indulge in De Bortoli Sacred Hill Reserve Tawny, a true masterpiece that encapsulates the best of Australian winemaking. Its rich flavours, versatility, and luxurious presentation make it a perfect choice for gifting or enhancing special events, leaving a lasting impression on any occasion.