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Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum 700ml


Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum. This handcrafted rum is infused with the luscious flavour of pineapple, delivering a refreshing and exotic taste experience. Perfect for enjoying on its own or in your favourite tropical cocktails. Treat yourself to a bottle of Dead Man’s Fingers Pineapple Rum and elevate your drinking experience today!

The Finer Details
Style – Liqueur
Country – United Kingdom
Bottle Size – 700ml
ABV – 37.5%

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Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum: A Tropical Delight


Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum is a tropical sensation that brings the exotic flavours of pineapple to your glass. Crafted with passion and expertise, this 700ml bottle is the perfect addition to your home bar. Let's dive into the background of the distiller, explore the tasting notes, discover ideal food pairings, and embrace the metric measurements of this delectable rum.

Background of the Distiller:

The distiller of Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum is a renowned and innovative rum producer based in Australia. With a rich heritage in crafting exceptional spirits, they combine traditional techniques with contemporary flair to create unique and flavourful expressions. The expertise of their master distillers shines through in every sip of this pineapple-infused rum.

Tasting Notes:

Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum offers a tantalizing tropical experience. Its aroma is filled with ripe, juicy pineapple notes that transport you to sun-drenched beaches. On the palate, the sweetness of pineapple is beautifully balanced with hints of caramel and vanilla, creating a smooth and luscious mouthfeel. The finish is long-lasting, leaving a delightful aftertaste of pineapple and subtle spices.

Food Pairings:

This pineapple rum pairs harmoniously with a variety of dishes. Its fruity and aromatic profile makes it a fantastic companion to seafood, particularly grilled prawns or fish tacos. For a unique twist, try pairing it with pineapple-glazed chicken skewers or a tropical fruit salad. The rum's vibrant flavours also complement creamy desserts like coconut panna cotta or pineapple upside-down cake.

Metric Measurements:

Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum comes in a generous 700ml bottle, providing ample servings for your enjoyment. Whether you're mixing refreshing cocktails or savouring it neat over ice, this bottle ensures you have enough to share with friends or savour on multiple occasions.

In conclusion, Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum is a tropical delight that captures the essence of summer in every sip. With its rich history and expert craftsmanship, this pineapple-infused rum delivers a remarkable drinking experience. From its enticing aroma to its smooth finish, it offers a taste of paradise. Pair it with your favourite seafood dishes or indulge in a fruity dessert. Bring home a bottle of Dead Man's Fingers Pineapple Rum and embark on a journey to the tropics right from your own home.