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Fat Bastard Malbec 750ml


Experience the indulgence of Fat Bastard Malbec 750ml. This Australian wine showcases bold flavors of dark fruits and velvety tannins, creating a rich and satisfying taste. Savor every sip and let the intense aromas transport you to a world of pure enjoyment. Whether you’re enjoying a cozy evening at home or celebrating a special occasion, Fat Bastard Malbec is the perfect companion. Treat yourself to this exceptional wine and elevate your wine-drinking experience.

The Finer Details

Style – Red Wine
Country – Argentina
Bottle Size -750ml
ABV -14.5%

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Fat Bastard Malbec

Fat Bastard Malbec is a full-bodied, fruity red wine from Argentina. It is made from 100% Malbec grapes, and has an alcohol content of 14.5% ABV. The wine is deep purple in colour, with aromas of blackberries, plums, and chocolate. On the palate, the wine is rich and complex, with flavours of dark fruit, spice, and earth.

Fat Bastard Malbec is a great wine for drinking on its own, or for pairing with food. It pairs well with grilled meats, pasta dishes, and chocolate desserts. The wine is also a popular choice for gifting, and is often given as a birthday present, corporate gift, or wedding favor.

Tasting Notes

  • colour: Deep purple
  • Aroma: Blackberries, plums, chocolate
  • Palate: Rich and complex, with flavours of dark fruit, spice, and earth
  • Finish: Long and lingering

Food Pairings

  • Grilled meats
  • Pasta dishes
  • Chocolate desserts


  • Fat Bastard Old Fashioned:
    • 2 ounces Fat Bastard Malbec
    • 1 sugar cube
    • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
    • Orange twist, for garnish
    • Combine the wine, sugar cube, and bitters in an Old Fashioned glass with ice. Stir until the sugar cube has dissolved. Garnish with an orange twist.


Fat Bastard Malbec is a great wine for gifting. It is presented in a stylish bottle, and the label is sure to turn heads. The wine is also a good value for the price, making it a thoughtful and affordable gift.

Other Information

  • Country of Origin: Argentina
  • Region: Mendoza
  • Wine Type: Malbec
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Size: 750ml
  • Cork or Screw Cap: Cork
  • Servings: 6-8
  • Recommended Serving Size: 5 ounces


Fat Bastard Malbec is a delicious and versatile wine that is perfect for drinking on its own or for pairing with food. It is also a great choice for gifting, and is sure to impress even the most discerning wine lover.