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Gold Bar Whiskey 700ml


Immerse yourself in the captivating flavours of Gold Bar Whiskey. Crafted with passion, this premium Australian whiskey delivers a rich and smooth taste experience. Accepting Afterpay and Zip Pay for your convenience. Raise a glass and savour the golden moments.

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Gold Bar Whiskey 700ml: An Exquisite Blend Crafted with Passion


Welcome to the world of Gold Bar Whiskey, a true gem among spirits. In this article, we will take you on a journey that unveils the remarkable qualities of this Australian-made whiskey. Created by passionate distillers, this golden elixir offers a sensory experience like no other. From its rich history to tantalizing tasting notes, food pairings, and cocktail recipes, we invite you to discover why Gold Bar Whiskey is an exceptional gift choice for birthdays, weddings, bucks parties, corporate events, and corporate gifting.

The Distiller's Legacy:

Gold Bar Whiskey is expertly crafted by a renowned Australian distillery, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. With decades of experience, their master distillers meticulously blend the finest locally sourced grains, resulting in a smooth and balanced whiskey that captures the essence of their craft. Each bottle reflects the distiller's unwavering dedication to perfection, making Gold Bar Whiskey a pride of Australia.

Tasting Notes:

Every sip of Gold Bar Whiskey is a symphony of flavours, delivering a harmonious blend of depth and character. ABV: 40%. On the nose, notes of honeyed malt and oak intertwine, evoking images of rolling golden fields and aged barrels. As you savour this spirit, your palate is greeted with velvety toffee, vanilla, and hints of dried fruit, balanced by a gentle spice that lingers pleasantly. The smooth, long-lasting finish leaves you with a touch of oak and a warmth that embodies the heart and soul of Gold Bar Whiskey.

Food Pairings:

Gold Bar Whiskey pairs exquisitely with various culinary delights, enhancing the dining experience. Its versatility complements both savoury and sweet dishes. For a delectable combination, serve it alongside a plate of aged cheddar cheese and spiced nuts. The whiskey's warm undertones beautifully complement grilled meats, such as tender steak or lamb chops. And for dessert, indulge in a rich, dark chocolate mousse to accentuate the whiskey's velvety sweetness.

Cocktail Creations:

Unleash your inner mixologist and create three delightful cocktails using Gold Bar Whiskey. These recipes elevate the spirit's inherent flavours and offer a unique twist to your libation experience.

1. Golden Old Fashioned:


- 60ml Gold Bar Whiskey

- 1 sugar cube

- 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

- Orange peel, for garnish


1. Place the sugar cube in a glass and add the Angostura bitters.

2. Muddle gently to dissolve the sugar.

3. Fill the glass with ice cubes and pour in Gold Bar Whiskey.

4. Stir well to combine.

5. Garnish with an orange peel twist.

6. Sip and savour the timeless elegance of this classic cocktail.

2. Honeyed Gold Sour:


- 60ml Gold Bar Whiskey

- 30ml fresh lemon juice

- 15ml honey syrup (equal parts honey and water)

- Lemon twist, for garnish


1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes.

2. Add Gold Bar Whiskey, lemon juice, and honey syrup.

3. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds.

4. Strain the mixture into a chilled rocks glass filled with ice.

5. Garnish with a lemon twist.

6. Take a sip and let the harmonious blend of sweet honey, citrus, and whiskey brighten your palate.

3. Gold Bar Smash:


- 60ml Gold Bar Whiskey

- 30ml fresh lemon juice

- 20ml simple syrup

- 4-6 fresh mint leaves

- Mint sprig, for garnish


1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle the fresh mint leaves with simple syrup.

2. Add Gold Bar Whiskey, lemon juice, and ice cubes.

3. Shake vigorously to combine.

4. Strain the mixture into a rocks glass filled with crushed ice.

5. Garnish with a mint sprig.

6. Take a sip and revel in the refreshing burst of mint, citrus, and whiskey.


Gold Bar Whiskey is a gift that embodies elegance, sophistication, and Australian craftsmanship. With its exquisite flavours, it captivates the senses and provides an exceptional drinking experience. Whether celebrating a special occasion or seeking the perfect gift, this golden elixir is a remarkable choice for birthdays, weddings, bucks parties, corporate events, and corporate gifting. Raise a glass of Gold Bar Whiskey and immerse yourself in the richness of flavour, a testament to the passion and dedication of its distillers.