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Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz 750ml


Experience the extraordinary Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz, a testament to the winemaking legacy of Australia’s esteemed Grant Burge. This premium 750ml wine captivates with its rich flavor, boasting a perfect balance of intense dark fruit notes, subtle spices, and velvety tannins. Crafted with utmost care, each bottle represents a culmination of five generations of winemaking expertise. Indulge in this exquisite Australian Shiraz and savor the taste of excellence. Order your bottle today and elevate your wine experience.

The Finer Details

Style – Shiraz
Country – Australia
Bottle Size – 750ml
ABV – 14.7%

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Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz 750ml: A Rich and Captivating Australian Wine


Discover the exquisite Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz 750ml, a premium Australian wine crafted with utmost care. This article explores the background of the distiller, tasting notes, food pairings, and metric measurements, providing you with a clear understanding of this exceptional product.

Background of the Winemaker:

Grant Burge, a renowned Australian winemaker, carries a legacy of five generations of winemaking expertise. Their commitment to quality and innovation has established them as one of the most respected names in the industry. With their extensive knowledge and dedication, Grant Burge continues to produce exceptional wines that capture the essence of Australia's terroir.

Tasting Notes:

The Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz 750ml presents a harmonious blend of flavours. On the nose, expect enticing aromas of ripe blackberries, dark cherries, and hints of spice. The palate reveals a rich tapestry of flavours, including black fruits, plums, and a touch of chocolate. Velvety tannins provide structure, while the well-integrated oak enhances the wine's complexity. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression.

Food Pairings:

This Shiraz pairs beautifully with a range of dishes. Its robust character makes it a perfect match for grilled or roasted meats, such as barbecued steaks or slow-cooked lamb shanks. The wine's depth and complexity also complement bold-flavoured cheeses, charcuterie, and dark chocolate desserts. Enjoy the Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz to elevate your dining experience.

Metric Measurements:

The Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz is available in a 750ml bottle, providing ample servings for a delightful wine tasting experience. The wine's alcohol content is 14.5% by volume, showcasing its full-bodied nature and bold flavours. With its vibrant character and balanced profile, this Shiraz is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts seeking an Australian masterpiece.

In conclusion, the Grant Burge 5th Generation Shiraz 750ml offers a captivating sensory journey, reflecting the craftsmanship and passion of its esteemed distiller. With its enticing aromas, complex flavours, and versatility in food pairings, this wine is a testament to the rich winemaking tradition of Australia. Experience the excellence of Grant Burge's 5th Generation Shiraz and savour a taste of true distinction.