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Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz 750ml


Indulge in the exceptional taste of Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz. This 750ml bottle showcases the finest Australian craftsmanship, delivering a rich and full-bodied red wine. Immerse yourself in the complex flavors of dark fruits, spices, and velvety tannins. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favorite dishes, this exquisite Shiraz is sure to elevate your wine experience. Order your bottle today and savor the essence of Australian winemaking.

The Finer Details

Style – Shiraz
Country – Australia
Bottle Size – 750ml
ABV – 14.7%

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Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz 750ml: A Perfect Blend of Excellence and Flavour

Indulge in the exceptional Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz 750ml, a true testament to Australian winemaking expertise. Explore the rich history of the distiller, experience the delightful tasting notes, discover perfect food pairings, and immerse yourself in the metric measurements that define this exquisite wine.

1. Distiller Background: A Legacy of Excellence
Grant Burge, a renowned name in the Australian wine industry, brings forth the GB 56 Shiraz. With a heritage spanning generations, the Burge family's commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every bottle. Their passion for winemaking has led to the creation of exceptional wines that are cherished worldwide.

2. Tasting Notes: A Symphony of flavours
This 750ml bottle of Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz captivates the senses with its complex and balanced flavours. Savour the aroma of ripe dark fruits, accompanied by hints of black pepper and spices. On the palate, experience a harmonious blend of luscious blackberry, plum, and a touch of vanilla. The smooth tannins and lingering finish make it an unforgettable tasting experience.

3. Food Pairings: Enhancing Culinary Delights
Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz is a versatile wine that complements various dishes. Pair it with succulent grilled lamb chops or a juicy steak for a mouthwatering combination. For a vegetarian option, serve it alongside roasted portobello mushrooms or a flavoursome eggplant lasagna. The wine's depth and structure beautifully elevate the flavours of rich cheeses like aged cheddar or Gouda.

4. Metric Measurements: An Exquisite Offering
The Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz comes in a 750ml bottle, perfect for sharing and savouring. Each milliliter showcases the dedication and precision that goes into creating this exceptional wine. The balanced alcohol content of 14.5% ensures a harmonious blend of flavours, inviting you to indulge in a truly remarkable sensory experience.

In conclusion, Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz 750ml is a testament to Australian winemaking excellence. From the rich history of the distiller to the delightful tasting notes and perfect food pairings, this wine is a true masterpiece. With metric measurements that define its quality, every sip reveals the passion and expertise that went into crafting this exceptional Shiraz. Experience the unparalleled flavours of Grant Burge GB 56 Shiraz and elevate your wine journey.