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Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019 750ml

by Kaesler

Savor the exquisite Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019 and immerse yourself in a wine experience like no other. This premium Australian Shiraz captivates with its deep, complex flavors and velvety texture. Crafted with utmost care by Kaesler winery, it embodies the essence of elegance and sophistication. Explore the rich aromas of dark berries and spices, balanced by refined tannins. Elevate your wine collection and enjoy an unforgettable taste journey with Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019

The Finer Details

Style – Shiraz
Country – Australia
Bottle Size – 750ml
ABV – 15%

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Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019: A Quintessential Australian Wine Experience


Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019 is a premium Australian wine renowned for its rich flavours and character. Produced by Kaesler, a distinguished winery with a remarkable legacy, this exceptional vintage encapsulates the essence of Australian winemaking expertise.

1. The Distiller's Legacy:

Since its establishment in 1893, Kaesler winery has been synonymous with excellence. Located in the famous Barossa Valley, South Australia, it embraces a rich heritage of winemaking traditions passed down through generations. Kaesler's commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a revered status among wine enthusiasts.

2. Tasting Notes:

The Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019 enchants with its depth and complexity. With enticing aromas of ripe blackberries, dark chocolate, and subtle hints of spice, this wine unveils a harmonious symphony on the palate. Velvety smooth tannins complement the full-bodied flavours of black fruits, plums, and a touch of oak, leading to a long, satisfying finish.

3. Food Pairings:

This exquisite Shiraz pairs exceptionally well with a variety of dishes. Its bold flavours and robust structure make it an ideal companion to hearty red meat dishes like grilled ribeye steak or slow-cooked lamb shanks. For a vegetarian option, try it with roasted eggplant or a flavourful mushroom risotto. The wine's vibrant acidity also complements aged cheeses, enhancing their savoury notes.

4. Metric Measurements:

The Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019 is available in a 750ml bottle, perfect for sharing and savouring. With an alcohol content of 14.5% by volume, it showcases the ideal balance between intensity and finesse, capturing the essence of the Barossa Valley terroir.

In conclusion, Kaesler Old Bastard Shiraz 2019 stands as a testament to the winemaking prowess of Kaesler. Its rich flavours, complex aromas, and impeccable structure create a memorable wine experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with delectable dishes, this Australian gem is sure to delight wine enthusiasts seeking an exceptional tasting journey.