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Karloff Vodka Bottle 1.125ml

by Karloff

Made with only the finest ingredients, Karloff Vodka offers a smooth taste that is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy the premium quality of this 1.125ml bottle and elevate your drinking experience. Buy now and savour the distinctive flavours of Karloff Vodka.

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Experience the Distinctive flavours of Karloff Vodka

Are you searching for a premium vodka that offers a smooth taste and exceptional quality? Look no further than Karloff Vodka, crafted with the finest ingredients and available in a 1.125ml bottle.

Distiller Background:

Karloff Vodka is produced by a family-owned distillery that has been crafting spirits for over 150 years. Located in the heart of Russia, the distillery uses traditional techniques and state-of-the-art technology to produce exceptional vodka.

Tasting Notes:

Karloff Vodka offers a smooth and clean taste with a subtle sweetness. The aroma is crisp and fresh, with hints of grain and a slight citrus note. The taste is smooth and velvety on the palate, with a delicate balance of sweetness and heat. The finish is long and smooth, with a gentle warmth that lingers.

Food Pairings:

Karloff Vodka pairs well with a variety of foods, including smoked salmon, oysters, caviar, and sushi. It also complements spicy dishes, such as Thai curry or Indian tikka masala. The smoothness of Karloff Vodka makes it an excellent choice for sipping on its own or as a base for cocktails.


If you're looking to elevate your drinking experience, Karloff Vodka is the perfect choice. Crafted with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques, this premium vodka offers a smooth and clean taste that is sure to impress. Pair it with your favourite foods or enjoy it on its own - either way, you won't be disappointed.