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Kosciuszko Pale Ale 330ml Case of 24


Immerse yourself in the exquisite taste of Kosciuszko Pale Ale. This 330ml craft beer, created by Kosciuszko Brewery in the Snowy Mountains, perfectly balances hop bitterness and malt sweetness. Experience the refreshing citrusy aroma, tropical fruit flavors, and clean finish. With its versatile nature, this Australian ale pairs well with seafood, roasted chicken, burgers, and spicy dishes. Discover the essence of the Snowy Mountains in every sip of Kosciuszko Pale Ale.

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Kosciuszko Pale Ale 330ml Case of 24

Kosciuszko Pale Ale 330ml is a delightful Australian craft beer that captures the essence of the stunning Kosciuszko region. Created by the Kosciuszko Brewery, this beer offers a unique blend of flavours and a refreshing drinking experience.

Background of the Distiller: The Kosciuszko Brewery, located in the heart of the Snowy Mountains, is known for its commitment to brewing exceptional craft beers. With a passion for quality ingredients and traditional brewing methods, the brewery takes inspiration from the natural beauty of the surrounding Kosciuszko National Park.

Tasting Notes: Kosciuszko Pale Ale delights the palate with its balanced combination of hop bitterness and malt sweetness. It offers a refreshing citrusy aroma and flavours of tropical fruits, accompanied by a subtle malt backbone. The crisp and clean finish leaves a lingering hoppy aftertaste, making it a truly enjoyable beer.

Food Pairings: This versatile pale ale pairs well with a variety of dishes. Its hoppy character and citrusy notes complement seafood such as grilled prawns or fish tacos. For a heartier pairing, try it with roasted chicken or a juicy burger. The beer's refreshing nature also makes it a great companion to spicy dishes and fresh salads.

Metric Measurements:

  • Volume: 330 milliliters
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): Typically around 4-5%
  • Bitterness: Measured in International Bitterness Units (IBUs), usually ranging from 25 to 40 IBUs


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