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Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish 500ml

by Lark

Immerse yourself in the richness of Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish. This Australian whisky captivates with intense flavours, a 500mL bottle, and exceptional craftsmanship. Discover a truly indulgent experience.

The Finer Details
Style – Liqueurs
Country – Tasmania
Bottle Size – 500ml
ABV – 58%

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Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish: A Rich Australian Whisky Experience


Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish is an exceptional Australian whisky that delivers a truly indulgent experience. Crafted by the renowned Lark Distillery, this whisky showcases the unique combination of cask strength and a Pedro Ximenez (PX) Sherry finish. Let's explore the background of the distiller, tasting notes, food pairings, and the metric measurements of this exquisite whisky.

Background of Lark Distillery:

Established in Tasmania in 1992, Lark Distillery is one of Australia's leading whisky producers. Founded by Bill Lark, the distillery is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and using locally sourced ingredients. Lark's passion for whisky-making has earned them numerous accolades and a reputation for producing exceptional spirits.

Tasting Notes:

- Aroma: Rich notes of dried fruits, dark chocolate, and hints of vanilla.

- Palate: Velvety and full-bodied, with flavours of raisins, toffee, and a touch of oak.

- Finish: Long and warm, with lingering notes of sweet sherry and a gentle spice.

Food Pairings:

- Dark chocolate truffles: The whisky's rich, chocolatey notes complement the indulgent flavours of dark chocolate.

- Roasted nuts: The nuttiness of the whisky pairs perfectly with the crunch and earthiness of roasted nuts.

- Cheese platter: The complex flavours of Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish enhance the taste of aged cheeses like Gouda or Cheddar.

Metric Measurements:

- Bottle size: 500mL

- Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 55%

- Weight: 1.1 kg

- Dimensions: 24cm (height) x 9cm (diameter)

In conclusion, Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish offers whisky enthusiasts a remarkable sensory experience. With its rich flavours, unique cask strength, and the influence of PX Sherry, this Australian whisky stands out as a true masterpiece. Indulge in a glass of Lark Cask Strength PX Sherry Finish and savour the craftsmanship that goes into every sip.