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Licor 43 Liqueur 700ml


Indulge in the delightful taste of Licor 43 liqueur. With its perfect blend of 43 natural ingredients, this 700ml bottle offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Explore the distinctive flavours, create delicious cocktails, or simply enjoy it neat. Order now and elevate your drinking experience with Licor 43.

The Finer Details
Style – Herbal Liqueur
Country – Spain
Bottle Size – 700mL
ABV – 31%

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Licor 43 Liqueur: The Perfect Blend of Flavours

Licor 43 liqueur is a renowned Spanish spirit that offers a delightful and unique taste experience. Produced by Diego Zamora S.A., this 700ml bottle contains a harmonious blend of 43 natural ingredients, resulting in a rich and complex flavour profile.

Background of the Distiller:
Diego Zamora S.A., a family-owned distillery based in Cartagena, Spain, has been crafting premium spirits since 1946. With a commitment to quality and tradition, they have perfected the art of creating exceptional liqueurs, including the iconic Licor 43. The distillery's dedication to innovation and their meticulous production process have made Licor 43 a beloved choice among spirits enthusiasts worldwide.

Tasting Notes:
Licor 43 entices with its golden amber hue and aromatic bouquet. On the palate, it reveals a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours, with hints of vanilla, citrus, and botanicals. The velvety texture and smooth finish leave a lasting impression, making it a true pleasure to savour.

Food Pairings:
Licor 43's versatility extends beyond being enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Its unique flavour profile makes it an excellent choice for creating delightful cocktails. Pair it with desserts like crème brûlée or drizzle it over ice cream for a luscious treat. For a refreshing twist, mix it with sparkling water and garnish with citrus for a delightful spritz.

Metric Measurements:
Licor 43 comes in a 700ml bottle, providing ample supply for your enjoyment. Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply indulging in a relaxing evening, this generous size ensures you have enough to share or savour at your leisure.

Licor 43 liqueur is a true testament to the art of blending flavours. With its rich history and the expertise of Diego Zamora S.A., it offers a sensory experience like no other. From its enticing taste to its versatility in cocktails and food pairings, Licor 43 is a must-have for any spirits connoisseur. Treat yourself to the perfect harmony of flavours found in this exquisite liqueur.