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Obeliu Crafted Vodka 700ml

by Obeliu

Obeliu Crafted Vodka 700Ml

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Obeliu Crafted Vodka is a premium vodka brand in every sense. From its state-of-the-art silver filtration technologies to its intricate birch and alder tree charcoal filter system, Obeliu is a vodka brand you’ll want to appreciate before you’ve even taken the first sip. While it’s designed for cocktails, its smooth, balanced, soft notes make Obeliu a great choice for sipping neat, too.

Strength: 40%.

Serving temperature: 4–8 °С.

Bottle type: Glass.

Raw materials: Grain.

Type of alcohol: Alpha.

Tasting Notes:

colour: Transparent, crystal-clear drink.

Taste: In very mild flavour vodka.

Aroma: In light of vodka and vodka heady aroma.

Recommended pure drinking chilled. Also ideal for making cocktails.