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One by Penfolds Australia Pinot Noir 2022 750ml


Elevate your senses with One by Penfolds Australia Pinot Noir 2022 – a limited release collaboration with Human Made founder NIGO. This exclusive wine boasts smooth tannins and a vibrant flavour profile featuring dark cherry, blood orange, and tangerine, with a hint of preserved lemon. Embrace convenience with Afterpay and Zip Pay options. Perfect for gifting and enhancing any occasion. Uncover the extraordinary with Penfolds Winery’s legacy of excellence in every sip.

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Discover One by Penfolds Pinot Noir 2022, A Nigo Limited Release Partnership

Introduction: Discover the exclusive collaboration between Penfolds and Human Made founder NIGO - One By Penfolds. This limited release Pinot Noir from the 2022 vintage is sourced from select vineyards across Australia, promising a lighter-bodied red with smooth tannins and delightful complexity. Now available with the convenience of Afterpay and Zip Pay, this wine is perfect for gifting and elevating any occasion.

Background of the Winemaker: One By Penfolds is a remarkable creation from the prestigious Penfolds Winery, renowned for its 170-year legacy of crafting exceptional wines. Their expertise and dedication shine through in this distinctive Pinot Noir, carefully curated from vineyards across Australia.

Tasting Notes: Indulge in a sensory journey with One By Penfolds Pinot Noir 2022, featuring captivating dark cherry, blood orange, and tangerine flavours. Its lighter body is beautifully balanced by smooth tannins, while a hint of preserved lemon adds an intriguing twist.

Food Pairings: Enhance your dining experience by pairing this exquisite Pinot Noir with the succulent richness of Roasted Duck, allowing the vibrant flavours to harmonize splendidly.

Why One By Penfolds Pinot Noir is Ideal for Gifting and Events: With its limited release status and collaboration with Human Made founder NIGO, One By Penfolds Pinot Noir 2022 becomes an exceptional gift choice. Its smooth tannins and diverse flavour profile make it a perfect companion for special occasions like birthdays, corporate events, and especially weddings, leaving a lasting impression on recipients and guests alike.


  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Region: Various regions across Australia
  • Wine Type: Pinot Noir
  • Container Type: Bottle (750ml)
  • Closure:
  • ABV: 13.5%

Serving Size: Each 700ml bottle of One By Penfolds Pinot Noir 2022 contains approximately 5-6 servings, with a recommended serving size of 120ml per person to fully savour its flavours.

In conclusion, One By Penfolds Australia Pinot Noir 2022, a limited release collaboration with NIGO, offers an exceptional wine experience. Its smooth tannins, captivating flavours, and acceptance of Afterpay and Zip Pay make it an excellent choice for gifting and elevating various events, ensuring cherished memories for all who partake in its savoury delights.