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Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling 750ml


Indulge in the exceptional flavors of Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling. Discover the essence of Australian excellence with our Afterpay and Zip Pay options.

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Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling: A Taste of Australian Excellence

Introducing Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling, a truly exceptional wine from Australia. Crafted by our esteemed winemaker, this exquisite Riesling is a testament to their expertise and passion.

Tasting Notes:

With its delicate aroma of citrus blossoms and hints of lime, our Hanlin Hill Riesling offers a refreshing and vibrant palate. The zesty acidity and balanced sweetness create a harmonious symphony of flavours, featuring notes of green apple, lemon zest, and a touch of minerality. This wine delights the senses with its long, crisp finish.

Food Pairings:

Pair this elegant Riesling with fresh seafood, such as oysters or prawns, to enhance its citrusy profile. The vibrant acidity beautifully complements Asian dishes like Thai green curry or sushi. For a delectable contrast, try it with creamy cheeses like goat cheese or a tangy lemon tart for dessert.

Cocktail Creations:

Elevate your cocktail game with Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling. Create a delightful Riesling spritzer by combining 150ml of chilled Riesling with 30ml of elderflower liqueur, a splash of soda water, and garnish with a slice of lime. Sip and savour the refreshing flavours of this enticing libation.

Perfect for Gifting and Celebrations:

Looking for an exceptional gift or planning a special event? Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling is the perfect choice. Its exquisite flavours and elegant presentation make it a standout option for birthdays, corporate events, and especially weddings. Share the joy of this premium Australian wine with your loved ones, leaving a lasting impression.

ABV and Country of Origin:

Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling boasts an ABV of 12.5%, ensuring a well-balanced and enjoyable drinking experience. This outstanding wine hails from the renowned wine region of Clare Valley, Australia, renowned for producing exceptional Rieslings.

Container Type and Serving Recommendations:

Indulge in Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling, packaged in a 750ml bottle, perfect for sharing and savouring. The wine is sealed with a screw cap, ensuring freshness and convenience. Each bottle provides approximately five servings, with a recommended serving size of 150ml to fully appreciate its flavours.

Experience the pure delight of Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling, a testament to the artistry of Australian winemaking. Order yours today and embark on a journey of exquisite taste and refinement.