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Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling 750ml


Delight in the vibrant flavors of Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling, a true testament to Australian winemaking. With its lively acidity, zesty citrus notes, and crisp elegance, this Riesling captivates the senses. Crafted by Peter Lehmann Winery, renowned for their dedication to quality, it embodies the essence of the Barossa Valley terroir. Pair it with fresh seafood or enjoy its refreshing character on its own. Experience the vibrancy and refinement of Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling and elevate your wine appreciation to new heights.

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Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling: A Testament to Australian Winemaking

Introduction: Discover the exceptional quality of Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling, a true expression of Australian winemaking excellence.

Background of the Winemaker: A Legacy of Craftsmanship Peter Lehmann Winery, situated in the renowned Barossa Valley, has been producing outstanding wines for over 40 years. The Wigan Riesling is a flagship wine that showcases the expertise and passion of the winery.

Tasting Notes: Vibrant flavours and Refreshing Zest Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling tantalizes the palate with its vibrant flavours and refreshing zest. On the nose, enjoy the enticing aromas of citrus blossoms and hints of green apple. The palate is treated to a burst of zesty lemon and lime, balanced by a backbone of crisp acidity. The wine lingers with a long, clean finish, leaving a lasting impression.

Food Pairings: Perfect Companions for Culinary Delights The versatility of Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling makes it an excellent accompaniment to a wide range of dishes. Its lively acidity and citrus flavours pair beautifully with fresh seafood, such as grilled prawns and pan-seared scallops. The wine's bright character also complements lighter fare like salads and sushi. For a delightful contrast, try it with spicy Asian cuisine or creamy goat cheese.

Metric Measurements: Understanding the Bottle Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling is presented in a standard 750ml bottle, equivalent to approximately 5 glasses of wine. Each serving measures 150ml or 5 fluid ounces. The wine typically contains 11% to 13% alcohol by volume (ABV), ensuring a well-balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.

In conclusion, Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling represents the pinnacle of Australian winemaking. With its vibrant flavours, refreshing zest, and versatility in food pairings, it offers a true delight for wine enthusiasts. Crafted by the esteemed Peter Lehmann Winery, this Riesling captures the essence of the Barossa Valley terroir. Elevate your wine experience with Peter Lehmann Wigan Riesling and savour the craftsmanship of Australian wine at its finest.