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Remy Martin Extra 350ml


Experience the epitome of luxury with Remy Martin Extra. This premium cognac in a 350ml bottle boasts exquisite flavours that captivate the senses. Indulge in the rich aroma, smooth texture, and unrivaled craftsmanship. Elevate your moments with the unrivaled taste of Remy Martin Extra.

The Finer Details
Style – Liqueurs
Country – France
Bottle Size – 350ml
ABV – 40%

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Remy Martin Extra 350ml: An Exquisite Journey into Luxury Cognac


Remy Martin Extra 350ml is a premium cognac that takes your taste buds on a remarkable journey. Crafted by the renowned distiller, Remy Martin, this exceptional spirit is the epitome of luxury. Let's delve into its rich background, tantalizing tasting notes, delightful food pairings, and precise metric measurements.

1. The Distiller's Legacy:

Remy Martin, a prestigious distillery established in 1724, has a rich heritage of crafting exceptional cognacs. With over three centuries of expertise, the house has become synonymous with quality and refinement.

2. Tasting Notes:

Remy Martin Extra 350ml entices with its complex flavours. Notes of ripe fruits, aromatic flowers, and subtle spices dance on the palate. The texture is velvety, offering a smooth and long-lasting finish that lingers delicately.

3. Food Pairings:

Pairing Remy Martin Extra with the right cuisine elevates the experience. Rich, creamy desserts like crème brûlée or dark chocolate mousse complement the cognac's decadence. Additionally, savouring it alongside artisanal cheeses or gourmet charcuterie brings out its nuanced flavours.

4. Metric Measurements:

The Remy Martin Extra bottle contains 350ml (35cl) of this extraordinary cognac. This metric measurement ensures you have the perfect amount to savour and share with friends or loved ones during special occasions or intimate gatherings.

In conclusion, Remy Martin Extra 350ml embodies the pinnacle of luxury cognac. With a heritage rooted in craftsmanship and a taste that captivates, it offers an unrivaled sensory experience. Indulge in this exquisite spirit, savour its tantalizing flavours, pair it with delectable delights, and create lasting memories of refinement and sophistication.