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Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo Japanese Sake 720ml


Immerse yourself in the rich flavours and traditional craftsmanship of Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo Japanese Sake. This premium 720ml bottle is meticulously crafted to perfection, delivering a delightful experience for sake enthusiasts. Indulge in the authentic taste of this renowned sake, renowned for its exceptional quality and traditional brewing methods. Perfect for special occasions or simply enjoying moments of pure indulgence. Elevate your sake experience with Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo.

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Discover the Excellence of Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo Japanese Sake

Title: Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo Japanese Sake 720ml: A Delightful Culinary Experience


Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo Japanese Sake is a premium sake that embodies the rich traditions and exceptional craftsmanship of Japan. With a perfect balance of flavours, this 720ml bottle is a must-try for sake enthusiasts. Let's delve into the background of the distiller, explore the tasting notes, and discover the ideal food pairings that complement this exquisite sake.

Background of Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo:

Sasanokawa Shuzo, the distiller behind Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo, has a long-standing history dating back to 1765. Located in Fukushima, Japan, this renowned brewery has been dedicated to the art of sake-making for generations. Their commitment to quality and traditional brewing techniques has made them a respected name in the industry.

Tasting Notes:

Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo offers a delightful sensory experience. It presents a clear, pale straw colour, indicative of its refined nature. The aroma is delicate and floral, with hints of ripe melon and subtle notes of rice. On the palate, it delivers a smooth, velvety texture, accompanied by a balanced sweetness and a gentle acidity. The flavours are layered, showcasing fruity undertones of apple and pear, followed by a clean and crisp finish.

Food Pairings:

The versatility of Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo makes it an excellent companion for a variety of dishes. Here are some delectable food pairings to enhance your sake experience:

1. Sushi and Sashimi: The clean and refined flavours of Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo beautifully complement the delicate flavours of fresh seafood.

2. Tempura: The crispiness of tempura is perfectly balanced by the sake's smoothness, creating a harmonious combination.

3. Grilled Meats: Whether it's yakitori or yakiniku, the savoury umami notes in the sake pair wonderfully with the charred flavours of grilled meats.

4. Cheese Platter: Explore the contrasting flavours by pairing Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo with a selection of mild to medium-aged cheeses.


Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo Japanese Sake is a testament to the expertise and dedication of Sasanokawa Shuzo. Its refined taste and exceptional quality make it a perfect choice for those seeking an authentic sake experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a range of culinary delights, this sake promises to elevate your gastronomic journey. Indulge in the exquisite flavours of Sasanokawa Jyunmaiginjyo and embark on a sensory adventure like no other.