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Teichenné Peach Schnapps 700ml


Teichenné Peach Schnapps is the epitome of fruity indulgence. savour the delicious taste of ripe peaches in every sip of this 700ml bottle. Crafted with care and expertise, this peach liqueur delivers a burst of flavour that will satisfy your cravings. Perfect for mixing in cocktails or enjoying neat, it’s a versatile spirit that adds a touch of sweetness to any occasion. Discover the delightful sensation of Teichenné Peach Schnapps today and elevate your drinking experience.

The Finer Details

Style – Schnapps
Country – Spain
Bottle Size – 700ml
ABV – 20.00%

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Teichenné Peach Schnapps: A Taste of Summer in Every Sip


Discover the delightful and refreshing world of Teichenné Peach Schnapps. This vibrant liqueur is renowned for its luscious peach flavour and smooth, velvety texture. Produced by the esteemed Spanish distiller, Teichenné, this exquisite spirit captures the essence of sun-ripened peaches, making it the perfect choice for those seeking a taste of summer all year round.

Background of the Distiller:

Teichenné, a family-owned distillery founded in 1956, is nestled in the heart of the Penedès region in Catalonia, Spain. With decades of expertise in crafting premium liqueurs, Teichenné has become synonymous with exceptional quality and taste. Their commitment to using only the finest ingredients, traditional distillation methods, and modern techniques ensures that each bottle of Teichenné Peach Schnapps is a testament to their artistry and dedication.

Tasting Notes:

Teichenné Peach Schnapps entices with its inviting aroma of ripe peaches, awakening the senses with a burst of fruity sweetness. The initial sip reveals a smooth and velvety texture, caressing the palate with flavours of succulent peaches and hints of citrus. The balance between sweetness and acidity is impeccable, resulting in a truly harmonious and refreshing taste experience. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression of sun-drenched orchards and summertime bliss.

Food Pairings:

Teichenné Peach Schnapps is a versatile spirit that complements a wide range of culinary delights. Its vibrant peach flavour adds a delightful twist to classic cocktails like the Bellini or Peach Martini. For a refreshing summer treat, try mixing it with sparkling wine or soda for a fruity spritzer. Additionally, this liqueur pairs beautifully with desserts such as peach cobbler, fruit tarts, or vanilla ice cream, enhancing the sweetness and adding a touch of sophistication to each bite.

Metric Measurements:

Teichenné Peach Schnapps is available in a generous 700ml bottle, ensuring you have ample supply for indulging in your favourite cocktails or experimenting with new recipes. Each sip transports you to sun-kissed peach orchards, evoking the spirit of summer no matter the season.

In conclusion, Teichenné Peach Schnapps is a delightful liqueur that encapsulates the essence of ripe, juicy peaches. With its rich flavour profile, velvety texture, and versatile nature, it is the perfect addition to any cocktail enthusiast's collection. Whether you're enjoying a refreshing spritzer on a warm afternoon or adding a twist to your favourite dessert, this exquisite spirit promises to elevate your drinking experience. Raise a glass and savour the taste of summer with Teichenné Peach Schnapps.