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Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur 700ml


savour the exquisite fusion of matcha and cream liqueur with Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur. Enjoy the rich, creamy taste in every sip. Perfect for indulgent moments.

The Finer Details

Style – Liqueur
Country – Netherlands
Bottle Size – 700ml
ABV – 17%

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Introducing Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur: A Fusion of Indulgence

Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur is a delightful blend of matcha and cream liqueur, offering a unique and indulgent taste experience. Created by skilled distillers, this 700ml bottle is a true masterpiece.

Background of the Distiller:

Tia Maria, a renowned distiller with a rich history, has been crafting exceptional liqueurs since its establishment. Known for their expertise in blending flavours, Tia Maria brings together the finest ingredients to create unforgettable taste sensations.

Tasting Notes:

Upon opening the bottle, a delightful aroma of matcha and cream greets your senses. The liqueur boasts a smooth and creamy texture, with the distinct earthiness of matcha perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the cream. Each sip reveals a harmonious combination of flavours, leaving a lingering, satisfying finish.

Food Pairings:

Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur is incredibly versatile when it comes to pairing with food. Its rich and creamy nature makes it an ideal companion to desserts like tiramisu, cheesecake, or crème brûlée. For a unique twist, try drizzling it over vanilla ice cream or using it as an ingredient in matcha-infused cocktails.

Metric Measurements:

The Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur bottle contains 700ml of this exquisite blend. This generous size ensures you can enjoy multiple servings or share the pleasure with friends and loved ones.

In conclusion, Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur offers a luxurious and indulgent taste experience. With its unique fusion of matcha and cream, skillfully crafted by the renowned distillers at Tia Maria, this 700ml bottle is a true delight. savour the smooth, creamy texture and balanced flavours, and explore the various food pairing possibilities. Experience the fusion of indulgence with Tia Maria Matcha Cream Liqueur.