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Wolfburn Northland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml


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Indulge in Wolfburn Northland Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml: Now Accepting Afterpay and Zip Pay

Welcome to the world of Wolfburn Northland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, now available in a convenient 700ml bottle and accepting Afterpay and Zip Pay. Immerse yourself in the richness of this Scotch whisky, meticulously crafted to captivate your senses.

The Legacy of Wolfburn Distillery

From the rugged landscapes of Scotland's northern Highlands emerges Wolfburn Distillery, a testament to centuries-old whisky-making heritage. Reinvigorated in 2012, this distillery embraces tradition while ushering in a new era of exquisite single malt whiskies, each bottle reflecting the essence of dedication and craftsmanship.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony of Flavours

Experience the symphony of flavours within Wolfburn Northland. Revel in its light, nutty aromas dancing alongside fruity undertones. The palate is greeted with a gentle sweetness, revealing notes of fruit intertwined with creamy vanilla, culminating in a delicate yet satisfying finish.

Pairing Culinary Delights

Complement your dining experience with the Wolfburn Northland. Its versatile profile pairs impeccably with various cuisines. Enjoy its harmony with smoked salmon or elevate dessert moments with its sweet notes that beautifully accompany treats like vanilla custard.

Craft Your Wolfburn Cocktails

1. Northland Highball

  • 60ml Northland whisky
  • 120ml soda water Pour Northland whisky over ice in a tall glass, top with soda water, and gently stir.

2. Nutty Northland Old Fashioned

  • 60ml Northland whisky
  • 1 sugar cube
  • Angostura bitters Muddle the sugar cube with bitters, add Northland whisky, ice, and stir. Garnish with an orange twist.

3. Northland Sour

  • 60ml Northland whisky
  • 30ml fresh lemon juice
  • 15ml simple syrup Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a glass, and garnish with a lemon twist.

The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Presenting Wolfburn Northland Single Malt Scotch Whisky as a thoughtful gift for birthdays, weddings, bucks parties, and corporate events. Its versatility and distinct flavour profile ensure it's cherished by whisky enthusiasts and novices alike.

Originating from Scotland's northern Highlands, each 700ml bottle of Wolfburn Northland features a convenient screw cap. With approximately 20 servings per bottle and a recommended serving size of 35ml, its ABV stands at 46%.

Explore the captivating world of Wolfburn Northland—a gift that embodies sophistication and quality, perfect for any discerning whisky enthusiast.