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ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac 700ml

by ABK6

savour the exquisite flavours of ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac, a masterpiece of luxury. Accepting Afterpay and Zip Pay for your convenience.

The Finer Details
Style – Cognac
Country – France
Bottle Size -700ml
ABV -40%

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ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac 700ml: Embrace Luxury with Afterpay & Zip Pay

Are you ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury? Look no further than ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac, a masterpiece crafted with passion and expertise by the esteemed distiller, ABK6.

Background of the Distiller:

ABK6 is renowned for its commitment to producing exceptional Cognacs, deeply rooted in the terroir of Cognac, France. With a legacy dating back generations, their expertise and attention to detail shine through in every bottle they produce.

Tasting Notes:

ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac entices with a harmonious blend of rich, velvety flavours. Experience notes of luscious caramel, decadent dark chocolate, and hints of dried fruits, culminating in a long, satisfying finish.

Food Pairings:

Pair this extraordinary Cognac with indulgent desserts like chocolate fondue or crème brûlée. Its complexity also complements savoury dishes such as seared foie gras or aged cheeses, elevating your dining experience to new heights.

Cocktail Creations:

  1. Renaissance Royale
    • Ingredients:
      • 45ml ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac
      • 15ml Elderflower Liqueur
      • Champagne
    • Method: Build in a chilled champagne flute. Add Cognac and elderflower liqueur, then top with champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist.
  2. Velvet Sour
    • Ingredients:
      • 60ml ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac
      • 30ml Fresh Lemon Juice
      • 15ml Simple Syrup
    • Method: Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a cherry.
  3. Cognac Old Fashioned
    • Ingredients:
      • 60ml ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac
      • 5ml Demerara Syrup
      • 2-3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
    • Method: In a mixing glass, stir Cognac, Demerara syrup, and bitters with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish with an orange twist.

Why It's the Perfect Gift:

ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac, with its exquisite flavours and luxurious essence, makes for an unforgettable gift on various occasions. Whether it's a birthday celebration, wedding toast, bucks party indulgence, or corporate event, this Cognac embodies sophistication and refinement, creating cherished memories.

Product Details:

  • Alcohol Content (ABV): 40%
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Region: Cognac
  • Container Type: Bottle, 700ml size
  • Closure: Cork
  • Servings: Approximately 20 servings
  • Recommended Serving Size: 30ml

Elevate your spirits experience with ABK6 XO Renaissance Cognac and embrace the authentic flavours of France in every savoured moment. With Afterpay and Zip Pay options available, it's now easier than ever to savour this exceptional Cognac's delights.