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Alize Pineapple Liqueur 750ml

by Alizé
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Escape to paradise with Alize Pineapple Liqueur, a delightful blend of tropical flavours. Our 700mL bottle is perfect for crafting exotic cocktails that transport you to sandy beaches and sun-drenched islands. Sip, savour, and let the refreshing taste of pineapples whisk you away on a tropical adventure. Whether you’re hosting a party or unwinding after a long day, Alize Pineapple Liqueur is your ticket to a slice of paradise. Try it today and bring a taste of the tropics to your glass.

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Discover the Tropical Delights of Alize Pineapple Liqueur: A Taste of Paradise


Indulge in the tropical allure of Alize Pineapple Liqueur, a captivating blend of exotic flavours that will transport your senses to sun-drenched islands and sandy beaches. Created by a renowned distiller, this 700mL bottle of pure delight is a must-try for any cocktail enthusiast or those seeking a taste of paradise.

1. Distiller's Background:

Crafted by an esteemed distiller with a passion for creating exceptional spirits, Alize Pineapple Liqueur reflects years of expertise and dedication to perfection. The distiller's commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and utilizing traditional methods ensures a product of unparalleled quality.

2. Tasting Notes:

With every sip of Alize Pineapple Liqueur, you'll be captivated by its vibrant and luscious flavours. The sweet, succulent notes of freshly picked pineapples take center stage, dancing harmoniously with a hint of tropical citrus. The smooth, velvety texture and well-balanced sweetness create a truly delightful drinking experience.

3. Food Pairings:

Alize Pineapple Liqueur is not just a delightful standalone drink but also a perfect complement to various culinary delights. Pair it with fresh tropical fruits like mango and papaya for a refreshing and tropical medley. For a savoury twist, try it alongside grilled shrimp skewers or a light coconut-infused curry. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to explore the interplay of flavours and create memorable dining experiences.

4. Metric Measurements:

- Alize Pineapple Liqueur: 700mL bottle

- Serving Size: 30mL (1 fluid ounce)

- Alcohol Content: 20% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

- Calories per Serving: 69 kcal

- Carbohydrates per Serving: 8.5g

In conclusion, Alize Pineapple Liqueur offers a taste of paradise in every sip. Its meticulously crafted flavours, tropical aroma, and smooth texture make it a delightful choice for cocktail enthusiasts and those seeking an escape to sun-kissed shores. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with delectable dishes, this exquisite liqueur promises to transport your senses to the enchanting world of tropical bliss. Embrace the allure of Alize Pineapple Liqueur and embark on a flavourful journey like no other.