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Babydoll Marlborough Pinot Gris 750ml


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Baby Doll Pinot Gris. This Australian wine delights with its delicate charm, offering a sensory journey of exquisite flavors. With its captivating aromas and refined character, Baby Doll Pinot Gris is a true testament to the elegance of the Pinot Gris varietal. Sip and savor the harmonious blend of ripe pear, citrus notes, and hints of floral undertones. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with seafood, poultry, or light salads, Baby Doll Pinot Gris promises a memorable and delightful wine experience. Elevate your palate with this graceful Australian wine.

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Babydoll Marlborough Pinot Gris

Discover the delicate charm of Baby Doll Pinot Gris, a captivating Australian wine that showcases the elegance of the Pinot Gris varietal. In this article, we will explore the background of the distiller, provide tasting notes, suggest food pairings, and highlight the metric measurements of this exquisite wine.

**Background of the Distiller:**

Aramis Vineyards, the esteemed Australian winery, brings you Baby Doll Pinot Gris. With a commitment to crafting exceptional wines, Aramis Vineyards combines traditional winemaking techniques with modern innovation. Their vineyards, nestled in the picturesque Australian wine regions, benefit from the ideal climate and fertile soils, resulting in grapes of exceptional quality.

**Tasting Notes:**

Baby Doll Pinot Gris delights the senses with its elegant profile. On the nose, it reveals delicate aromas of ripe pear and hints of floral undertones. The palate is treated to a harmonious blend of luscious flavours, including juicy pear, crisp citrus notes, and a touch of minerality. The wine's smooth texture and refreshing acidity culminate in a lingering and satisfying finish.

**Food Pairings:**

The versatility of Baby Doll Pinot Gris makes it a delightful companion to various dishes. Its vibrant acidity and fruit-forward character pair exceptionally well with seafood, such as grilled prawns or seared scallops. The wine's subtle floral notes also complement light salads, especially those featuring fresh greens and tangy vinaigrettes. For a delightful combination, consider serving Baby Doll Pinot Gris alongside roasted chicken or creamy pasta dishes.

**Metric Measurements:**

Baby Doll Pinot Gris is available in a 750mL bottle, ensuring you have plenty to share and savour. Each sip delivers the essence of the Pinot Gris varietal, accentuated by the precise craftsmanship of Aramis Vineyards. The wine's balanced composition and vibrant flavours make it a wonderful choice for any occasion.

With Baby Doll Pinot Gris, Aramis Vineyards has crafted a wine that captures the elegance and charm of the Pinot Gris varietal. Its delightful flavours, refreshing acidity, and versatility make it a standout choice for wine enthusiasts. Indulge in the enchanting experience of Baby Doll Pinot Gris and elevate your wine appreciation with this exceptional Australian offering.