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Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju 375ml


Experience the tropical bliss of Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju. This Korean spirit tantalizes the taste buds with its vibrant pineapple flavours and smoothness. Discover the perfect balance of sweet and tangy notes. Indulge in this taste of summer with a 375ml bottle. Cheers to refreshing tropical indulgence!

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Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju 375ml

Experience the tropical delight of Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju. This article explores the unique flavours, the distiller's background, tasting notes, food pairings, and metric measurements of this exquisite Korean spirit.

**Background of the Distiller:**

Chateul Soorok is a renowned distillery in South Korea with a rich history of crafting high-quality soju. With decades of expertise and traditional techniques, they have perfected the art of creating exceptional spirits that embody the flavours of various fruits.

**Tasting Notes:**

The Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju captivates the palate with its vibrant and tropical taste. The aroma is filled with the enticing scent of ripe pineapples. On the palate, it offers a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy pineapple flavours, balanced with the smoothness of the soju base. The finish is refreshing and leaves a lingering tropical essence.

**Food Pairings:**

Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju pairs wonderfully with a range of dishes, enhancing the dining experience. Here are some delectable food pairings to enjoy with this tropical soju:

1. Grilled shrimp skewers with pineapple salsa

2. Pineapple and pork stir-fry with jasmine rice

3. Tropical fruit salad with a drizzle of lime and mint

**Metric Measurements:**

- Bottle Size: 375ml

- Alcohol Content: 19.3%

- Recommended Serving Temperature: Chilled or over ice

- ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 19.3%

- Volume: 375 milliliters

- Alcohol Percentage: 19.3%


Indulge in the tropical paradise of Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju. This Korean spirit showcases the essence of juicy pineapples with its refreshing and vibrant flavours. With its 375ml bottle and 19.3% alcohol content, it offers a delightful and invigorating drinking experience. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with tropical-inspired dishes, Chateul Soorok Pineapple Soju is sure to transport your taste buds to a tropical getaway. Cheers to the taste of summer!