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Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager Cans 375ml Case of 24


Discover the refreshing taste of Hawke’s Brewing Co. Lager. Crafted in honor of Australia’s beloved former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, this crisp and balanced Australian beer is a true delight. With convenient 375ml cans, it’s perfect for any occasion. Explore the story behind Hawke’s Brewing Co., learn about its flavors, find food pairings, and embrace the convenience of metric measurements. Raise a can of Hawke’s Brewing Co. Lager and toast to the legacy of a great leader.

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Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager Cans 375ml Case of 24

Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager is a popular Australian beer known for its crisp and refreshing taste. In this article, we will explore the background of the distiller, provide tasting notes, suggest food pairings, and discuss metric measurements for this exceptional brew.

Background of Hawke's Brewing Co.: Founded in Australia, Hawke's Brewing Co. is inspired by the legacy of Bob Hawke, the country's beloved former Prime Minister and beer enthusiast. The brewery aims to capture the spirit of Hawke's vision and passion for quality beer, delivering a range of exceptional brews to beer lovers across the nation.

Tasting Notes: Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager offers a delightful sensory experience. It pours a bright golden hue with a fluffy white head. On the nose, you'll discover subtle floral and citrus aromas. The first sip reveals a crisp and clean flavour profile, with balanced malt sweetness and a refreshing, mildly bitter finish. The smooth mouthfeel and medium body make it incredibly drinkable, leaving you craving another sip.

Food Pairings: Pairing Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager with the right food enhances the overall dining experience. Its light and refreshing nature makes it a versatile companion to a variety of dishes. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Grilled seafood, such as prawns or fish, accentuates the beer's clean flavours.
  2. Classic pub favorites like fish and chips or chicken schnitzel complement the Lager's refreshing qualities.
  3. Light salads with citrus dressings or fresh goat cheese provide a delightful contrast.

Metric Measurements: Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager is available in 375ml cans, providing a convenient serving size for beer enthusiasts. The cans are designed to preserve the freshness of the Lager and ensure an optimal drinking experience.

In conclusion, Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager is a premium Australian beer that embodies the spirit of its namesake. With its crisp taste, versatile food pairings, and convenient 375ml cans, it's a go-to choice for those seeking a refreshing and enjoyable brew. Experience the legacy of Bob Hawke and indulge in the exceptional flavours of Hawke's Brewing Co. Lager. Cheers!