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Maison Castel Chardonnay 750ml


Discover the magic of Maison Castel Chardonnay. Savour the exquisite flavours of this French wine, crafted with passion and finesse. Accepting Afterpay and Zip Pay.

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Maison Castel Chardonnay 750ml - A Symphony of Flavours

Maison Castel has a rich heritage in winemaking, with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Their Chardonnay is a testament to their expertise.

Tasting Notes:

Indulge in the elegance of Maison Castel Chardonnay. With notes of ripe citrus, crisp apple, and a hint of vanilla, each sip is a delight.

Food Pairings:

This exquisite Chardonnay pairs beautifully with grilled seafood, roasted chicken, or creamy pasta dishes. It complements both light and rich flavours.

Cocktail Inspiration (if applicable):

For a delightful cocktail, combine 60ml Maison Castel Chardonnay, 30ml peach liqueur, and 15ml lemon juice. Shake with ice, strain, and savour the vibrant flavours.

Why Choose Maison Castel Chardonnay for Gifting or Events?

Celebrate life's special moments with Maison Castel Chardonnay. Its refined taste and elegant packaging make it a perfect gift for birthdays, corporate events, and unforgettable weddings.

ABV: 13%
Country of Origin: France
Region: Loire Valley
Wine Type: Chardonnay
Container Type: 750ml bottle, available in a single size
Closure: Cork
Servings: Approximately 5 servings
Recommended Serving Size: 150ml per serving

Immerse yourself in the world of Maison Castel Chardonnay and savour the magic of this exquisite wine. Let each sip transport you to the vineyards of the Loire Valley.