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Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon 750ml


Indulge in the delicate flavors of Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon, a tribute to Australian winemaking excellence. Crafted with precision in the renowned Barossa Valley, this wine showcases vibrant citrusy notes, refreshing acidity, and a subtle herbaceousness. Perfectly paired with fresh seafood or light salads, Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon is a delightful expression of the rich winemaking heritage and tradition. Elevate your wine experience with this exceptional Australian Semillon.

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Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon: A Delicate Expression of Australian Winemaking

Background: The Legacy of Peter Lehmann and the Margaret Semillon Tradition

Tasting Notes: Experience the Delicate flavours of Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon

Food Pairings: Perfect Pairings: Enjoying Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon with Culinary Delights

Metric Measurements: The Bottle Size: Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon Comes in 750ml


Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon, a wine that embodies the essence of Australian winemaking. With its delicate flavours and unparalleled quality, this wine is a true testament to the dedication and expertise of the Peter Lehmann winery.


For over six decades, Peter Lehmann has been at the forefront of Australian winemaking, producing exceptional wines that showcase the unique characteristics of the Barossa Valley. The Margaret Semillon is a tribute to the winery's founder, Peter Lehmann, and reflects the rich winemaking heritage of the region.

Tasting Notes

Immerse yourself in the delicate flavours of Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon. This wine offers a harmonious blend of citrusy notes, vibrant acidity, and a subtle hint of herbaceousness. The palate is filled with zesty lemon, lime, and grapefruit flavours, balanced by a refreshing minerality. With its crisp and clean finish, Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon is a true delight for the senses.

Food Pairings

Indulge in the perfect pairings for Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon. Its vibrant acidity and citrusy profile make it an excellent complement to fresh seafood dishes such as grilled prawns, oysters, and pan-seared scallops. The wine's herbaceous undertones also make it a great match for light salads, goat cheese, and grilled vegetables. Whether enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with a meal, Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon is sure to elevate any dining experience.

Metric Measurements

Each bottle of Peter Lehmann Margaret Semillon comes in a standard size of 750ml, allowing you to savour every sip of this exceptional Australian wine.

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