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Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml

by Suntory

Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml is a premium Japanese vodka that boasts a unique flavour profile, thanks to its blend of 100% white rice and pristine groundwater. This vodka is crafted with a combination of traditional Japanese techniques and modern innovation, resulting in an unmatched smoothness and refreshing taste. Whether sipped neat, mixed in a cocktail, or paired with your favourite cuisine, Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml is an excellent choice for any occasion. Try it today and discover the superior quality and taste of Japanese vodka.

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Discover the Unmatched Smoothness of Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml

Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml: A Refreshing Japanese Spirit

Suntory, a renowned Japanese distillery with over a century of experience in producing high-quality spirits, has introduced their latest addition to their premium vodka collection – Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml. This vodka is distilled with a blend of 100% Japanese white rice and pristine groundwater from the Southern Japanese Alps, resulting in a uniquely smooth and refreshing taste that stands out from other vodkas in the market.

The Distiller - Suntory

Suntory has been a prominent player in the global alcohol industry since its establishment in 1899. The distillery's reputation for producing high-quality spirits has earned it numerous accolades, including the prestigious "Distiller of the Year" award from the International Spirits Challenge. Suntory's dedication to craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability has also contributed to its success and recognition as a leading producer of premium spirits.

Tasting Notes

Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml has a delicate, silky texture with a subtly sweet, floral aroma. The initial taste is clean and crisp, with notes of fresh green apple, followed by a hint of mint and a slightly savoury finish. It's a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed on its own, mixed into a classic cocktail or used as a base for a creative cocktail.

Food Pairings

Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml pairs well with a wide range of cuisines, thanks to its clean and refreshing taste. It complements seafood, such as oysters, sushi and sashimi, as well as lighter dishes like salads and vegetable-based dishes. The vodka's subtle sweetness also balances well with spicy or sour flavours, making it an excellent accompaniment to spicy Thai or Indian curries.


Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml is an exceptional spirit that combines Japanese craftsmanship with modern innovation to create a unique and refreshing taste. Its delicate flavour profile and versatility make it an excellent choice for a variety of occasions, from casual gatherings to special celebrations. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail, Suntory HAKU Vodka 700ml is a premium spirit that is sure to impress even the most discerning palate.