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Tiger Asian Lager Bottles 330ml Case of 24


Indulge in the crisp and refreshing taste of Tiger Asian Lager Bottles 330ml. Crafted with Asian flavors, this lager offers a perfectly balanced drinking experience. Discover the rich brewing heritage of Tiger Beer and explore its unique taste profile. Pair it with Asian cuisine or seafood dishes for a truly enjoyable moment. With its convenient 330ml bottle size, Tiger Asian Lager is the ideal choice for beer enthusiasts seeking a refreshing and satisfying brew.

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Tiger Asian Lager Bottles 330ml

Introduction: Discover the unique taste of Tiger Asian Lager Bottles 330ml, a refreshing brew that captures the essence of Asian flavours.

Background of the Distiller: Founded in 1932, Asia Pacific Breweries Limited is the proud distiller of Tiger Asian Lager. With a rich brewing heritage and expertise, they have crafted this beer to perfection.

Tasting Notes: Tiger Asian Lager delights the palate with its crisp and clean taste. The smooth maltiness is balanced with a subtle hop bitterness, creating a refreshing and well-rounded flavour profile. The light-bodied nature of the beer makes it highly drinkable, leaving a satisfying finish.

Food Pairings:

  1. Asian Cuisine: Pair Tiger Asian Lager with dishes like sushi, Thai curries, or Vietnamese spring rolls to complement the flavours and enhance the dining experience.
  2. Seafood: The clean and crisp character of this lager pairs excellently with fresh seafood, such as grilled prawns, fish tacos, or seafood stir-fries.
  3. Spicy Foods: The refreshing quality of Tiger Asian Lager helps to cool down the heat of spicy dishes, making it an ideal accompaniment to spicy Thai, Indian, or Korean cuisine.

Metric Measurements:

  • Volume: Tiger Asian Lager comes in 330ml bottles, perfect for a single serving.
  • ABV: The alcohol by volume (ABV) of Tiger Asian Lager is typically around 5%.


The Distiller with a Rich Brewing Heritage Crafting the Unique Taste of Tiger Asian Lager Refreshing Tasting Notes of Tiger Asian Lager Perfect Food Pairings for Tiger Asian Lager Enjoy the 330ml Convenience of Tiger Asian Lager

Article Body:

Conclusion: Tiger Asian Lager Bottles 330ml offer a delightful drinking experience with its crisp taste, balanced flavours, and refreshing character. Perfectly complementing Asian cuisine and seafood dishes, this lager is a great choice for beer enthusiasts. Enjoy the convenience of the 330ml bottle size and immerse yourself in the unique flavours of Tiger Asian Lager.