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Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml


Experience the unmatched richness of Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml. Savour the smooth flavors and bold essence of this Australian red wine. Indulge in an unforgettable wine experience like no other. Discover pure pleasure in every sip. Order your bottle today!

The Finer Details

Style – Shiraz
Country – Australia
Bottle Size – 750ml
ABV – 13%

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Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml: Indulge in the Richness of Australian Red Wine

Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml offers a captivating experience for wine enthusiasts. Produced in Australia, this red wine boasts exceptional flavours that leave a lasting impression. Let's delve into the background of the distiller, explore the tasting notes, discover ideal food pairings, and learn about metric measurements.

1. Background of the Winemaker:
In the heart of Australia's renowned wine regions, Fat Bastard Shiraz is crafted by a passionate team at a distinguished winery. With a legacy of winemaking expertise, they meticulously select the finest Shiraz grapes, ensuring exceptional quality in every bottle.

2. Tasting Notes:
The Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml showcases a luscious palate filled with dark fruit flavours. Notes of blackberry, plum, and cherry dance harmoniously, while hints of vanilla and oak provide a delightful complexity. The wine's smooth texture and well-integrated tannins create a velvety mouthfeel, leading to a long and satisfying finish.

3. Food Pairings:
Pair Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml with hearty dishes to complement its robust character. The wine's bold flavours perfectly complement grilled meats, such as succulent steaks or lamb chops. For a vegetarian option, try it with roasted eggplant or spicy lentil curry. Chocolate desserts or aged cheeses make for decadent accompaniments.

4. Metric Measurements:
The Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml bottle contains 750 milliliters of exquisite Australian red wine. With an alcohol content of 14.5%, it offers the perfect balance of richness and drinkability. The bottle's dimensions are 12.7 cm in diameter and 31.1 cm in height.

In conclusion:
Fat Bastard Shiraz 750ml embodies the essence of Australian winemaking, showcasing a bold and flavourful profile. Whether you're indulging in a special occasion or unwinding after a long day, this wine promises an exceptional experience.